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This page is the index to sections (known as subdomains in Net-speak) relevant to the villages of the LE14 postal district of Leicestershire, England.  That's quite a wide area and the main purpose is to provide a record of events in Wymondham and Edmondthorpe.

The Wymondham section may eventually replace the Wymondham, Leics website which has been online since May 1999.  The free hosting for that webspace has become too restricting and the close ties with Edmondthorpe were not apparent.

What's here, so far...

Wymondham & Edmondthorpe Civic Society
(this now redirects to www.wecs.org.uk)
Men of Wymondham Calendar 2009
Wymondham May Festival 2006
Edmondthorpe photos
For a variety of reasons, most pages of event photos
will be restricted to villagers, but here's one of a
Fundraising Ceilidh in Wymondham

You can use the lower case address of www.le14.co.uk to get to the current page.  The subdomains are of the form http://village-name.le14.co.uk and linked from this page.  Note that there's no www. prefix for subdomains, so you would simply enter e.g. wymondham.le14.co.uk into the address bar of your browser software, and it should add the http:// prefix for you.

Contributions of photos, articles and listings of forthcoming events are welcomed, preferably by email.  If your piece is wordprocessed, please save it in Rich Text Format before sending.  That's the most universal option that'll also save any bold or italic formatting.  We reserve the right to edit (or not publish) any pieces submitted for consideration.

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